(Almost) Live video of my home/office
Click on a picture to select a video feed

These are static images taken by my office webcams. To see a live feed click on any image.

This image is from a Linux machine, with a Logitec webcam taking a snapshot every second or so. The camera sits on a rack next to my desk. If it's a nice day and I'm not here, I might be in the back yard with my laptop.

This image is from a Rosewill RCM-8164 camera I picked up at newegg.com on sale for $15. It's looking out the window in my home office. The image should update every couple of seconds.

This image is from an X-10 wireless camera in the living room. The receiver is directly connected to the Web server and the image is digitized by a cheap video capture card. Currently there's an old Sony 8mm camcorder acting as the video source.

This is the family room. This is a Logitech 9000 webcam hooked up to my MythTV box.

The actual images are 640x480, or double the size of these snapshots.
Some earlier images are archived here.