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I consider myself a lucky guy. In my professional life I've had the opportunity to work with mainframes, minicomputers, workstations, PC's, and embedded microprocessors. I've done operating system development, written device drivers and graphics subsystems. I spent several wonderful years developing the Amiga C compiler with Lattice (SAS) and working with Epyx on what was to become the Atari Lynx. I've even done commercial (coin-op) video game development. Along the way, I've made many friends some of whom have stayed close, most I wish were closer.

Even more important, I have two really bright kids, both on the Dean's List at their respective colleges and now both with their own successful careers.

I've been around the Unix world for over 40 years. I guess now I'm a hard-core Linux supporter, having started with Slackware and kernel version 1.2 and still going strong after trying Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake, and now Ubuntu

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