Resume of John L. Meissen

Challenging Linux or Unix position with an emphasis on administration, software development tools or application development.

Location: Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR
Contact: (503) 641-7333

Major Technical Experience Summary

Other Relevant Experience

Employment History

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) (04/06 - present) Developing tools and technology for next-generation game console platforms. Developed cross-platform communications and protocol libraries used to communicate with Playstation Portable (PSP) and Playstation 3 (PS3) software under development. Also working with movie (mpeg, avi, etc) player technology.

Mogility, Inc., Hayward, CA (2/02 - 10/02)
Developing applications specifically for wireless, hand-held platforms. Primarily involved in the development of multiplayer games. Also responsible for all system administration tasks, including mailing lists, source repositories, web server operations, and backups. Telecommuting position involved bi-weekly trips from Beaverton, OR to the San Francisco Bay area.

Willamette HDL, Beaverton, OR (3/01 - 4/01)
One month contract position modifying a C++ parser to support hardware-specific class requirements for SystemC, a hardware design language based on C++.

Red Jade, Inc., Palo Alto, CA (11/00 - 2/01)
Architected ad-hoc network clusters of QNX-based mobile Bluetooth devices. Responsibilities included the design and specification of a high-level protocol to deal with the dynamic routing issues and very small packet sizes of a fabric of mobile, short-range devices. Cross-site development involved telecommuting from Beaverton, Oregon to Palo Alto California, with bi-weekly onsite visits.

Intel, Inc., Beaverton, OR (1/99 - 11/00)
Developed API validation suite for Infiniband driver and protocol stack on Windows 2000. Responsible for the design, specification, implementation and deployment of the suite of tests to validate the kernel-mode drivers. Part of a team responsible for prerelease validation of the entire suite of Infiniband software being developed by Intel. As a senior member of the team I was also responsible for coaching junior members and for coordination of the Linux validation development effort. (Infiniband is a next-generation peripheral interconnect specification architected by Intel).

Pyramid Technologies, Inc., Beaverton, OR (2/96 - 1/99)
Responsible for system validation and stress suite for large-scale MPP Unix systems. The suite consisted of distributed applications to simultaneously drive different hardware components and was used for hardware development and post-installation system validation. Testing was driven by a set of Korn shell scripts that provided scheduling, coordination and collection of data for subsequent analysis. I completed the suite development, redesigned the test architecture to support massive scalability, and wrote the shell scripts to drive the suite. My responsibilities also involved interfacing with system architects, OS developers, and support engineers to implement deployment on new installations.

Rosetta Technologies, Inc., Beaverton, OR (11/90 - 2/96)
Development of X11-based CAD software. Responsibilities included supporting the product on nine Unix platforms running on diverse hardware including MIPS, Alpha, IA32, M68000, PowerPC and Sparc. Specific accomplishments included porting to each platform from the original SunOS base, reverse-engineering and implementing support of multiple raster and vector graphic formats, and X11/Motif user interface development.

Oregon Advanced Computing Institute, Beaverton, OR (2/90 - 11/90)
Support of parallel processing research and development. Part of an on-site staff to support the efforts of researchers from OSU, UofO, and PSU.

Epyx, Inc., Redwood City, CA (5/88 - 2/90)
Developed remote symbolic debugging environment for development of embedded applications. As a key contributor in the SDK team I was responsible for the design and implementation of a remote tool that provided full debugging capabilities as well as support for setup and operation of hardware ICE.

Lattice, Inc., Glen Ellyn, IL (3/84 - 4/88)
Project lead for Lattice M68000 C compiler development. Responsibilites included development and support of native and cross development tools on various Unix systems and the Amiga. Accomplishments include porting the compiler, developing supporting utilities (linkers, librarians), writing documentation and providing second-level customer support. Primarily responsible for the highly successful Amiga C compiler product.

Williams Electronics, Chicago, IL (1/83--3/84)
Key contributor in coin-op video game development. Responsible for driver development for custom DMA display hardware.

Dataplex, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL (1/79 - 1-83)
Minicomputer consultant responsible for custom device drivers and development of embedded real-time applications. Worked with hardware development team to provide drivers for custom hardware components.

General Automation, Inc., Anaheim, CA (1/78 - 1/79)
Customer Support Engineer providing OS and development tools support for RTOS users.

Cutler-Williams, Rosemont, IL (1/77 - 1/78)
Contract programming of mainframe applications, primarily in COBOL and PL/I.

Omnigraphics International, Inc. Quincy, IL (5/74 - 1/77)
Developed turnkey newspaper systems. Responsible for filesystem and OS scheduler development.




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